Brief Description: Vacuum tablet press loading systems are furnished as complete, ready-to-operate systems for mounting on customers’ presses. Available for single or dual hopper tablet presses

The loader eliminates manual scooping of product and messy dumping or mishandling. Draw material directly from drums, boxes, storage containers, process vessels.Thus Vacuum Loading reduces the manual labor intensity,to eliminate the dust pollution to ensure the production line with GMP.

Our Range of Vacuum Loading System gain appreciation for following merits:

  • Compact design receiver package with rates of 100-300 Kg. per hour**.
  • Eliminate manual scooping of product and messy dumping or mishandling. Draw material directly from drums, boxes, storage containers, process vessels.
  • Dust-tight connection of receiver to press hopper provides maximum cleanliness and product integrity.
  • Easy to clean. Four quick-acting heavy duty clamps facilitate disassembly for cleaning and service. No tools required!
  • Automatic pulse jet filter cleaning ensures peak operating performance.
  • Sanitary construction. Furnished in ASTM SS 316 ,USFDA accepted.
  • Level sensor automatically starts conveying cycle when material level reaches low level in the tablet press hopper.
  • Powered by Vacuum Pump
  • Minimum maintenance – few moving parts.
  • Butterfly valve with actuators provides full opening discharge valve assures complete discharge of material.
  • Complete package includes: receiver, power unit, vacuum pump, hose****, conveying wand****, and control panel.
  • Mounting lugs for easy installation.

Design Specifications

Capacity                   :       100-300 Kg./Hr**.
Vacuum Source          :       Vacuum Pump
Filter media             :       Unique PC Satin Filter of 500 Mesh
Discharge Valve         :       Full opening Butterfly valve with actuators
Inlet Size                  :       2”
Electrical Voltage      :      415 Volt, 50 Hz, 3 Phase, AC
Material of construction:     SS 316 stainless steel (optional 316L)
Level Control             :      Automatic level sensor
Filter Cleaning           :      Automatic pulse-jet
Compressed air requirements: 6 cfm @ 6 Bar Pressure

Note: *Manufacture reserve the rights for modification or alter the specification stated above

** The delivery capacity is determined at a distance of 3 Mtrs Max

** The delivery capacity may very greatly depending upon the types of material and their characteristics

*** For Ideal performance Compressed air should not contain moisture

**** Plz. provide Room Layout along with proposed placing of Machines and vacuum loading system to know the length of said parts.


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