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Possessing a sound in-depth knowledge and understanding of the pharma machine manufacturing, we have kept pace with the needs of the fast growing pharma industry today. What makes us unique is our ability to solve the technical queries by our core team to pursue customers delight. Over the years we have attributed our learning curve and growth to their valuable suggestions. Taking this faith and going one step forward in our journey, we hope to attain a healthy pan-India presence followed by the global footprints.



With over 300+ workforce including engineers & skilled technicians, we are stable and dynamic professionally managed company.

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Chamunda Pharma Machinery offers complete one stop solution for the oral solid dosage line and tableting catering to the global pharma industry. Over the years, we have attributed our growth and expertise through valuable suggestions from our customers. Taking this faith and going one step forward in our journey, we hope to attain a healthy pan-India presence along with global footprints. We offer solutions right from Pilot scale to production level in granulation line machinery as well as tableting machines serving to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies for optimum production of various human & veterinary medicines, vitamins and other products.

Ayurveda is a system of medicines with historical roots in the Indian sub-continent which has spread across the globe with modernized practices derived from its traditions as a complementary or alternative medicine. Nowadays, Ayurvedic medicines and herbal medicines have gained popularity in several countries.  Our range of products in both granulation machinery and tableting are ideally suitable and proven for making various Ayurvedic and herbal medicines.

Biotechnology has major industrial areas like healthcare (medical), crop production & agricultural, non-food (industrial) uses of crops and other products as well as environmental uses. In medicine, biotechnology finds major application in discovering and producing pharmaceutical drugs. Our range of machines is a preferred solution for research and production of various pharma & non-pharma products derived with help of biotechnology.

Confectionery foods form a sizeable share of the Food Industry owing to the Product Innovation in terms of Formulations, Processing, and Packaging.

Chamunda’s range of Granulation & Tabletting machines is ideally suited for production of confectionery Candy (Sweet) Tablets in various forms such as Special Shaped Tablets, Polo Type tablets etc. Our proven design is ideally suited to deal with the typical production challenges such as sticky powder, less flow ability & low compressibility. Typical machines used for suitable applications are Communiting Mills, Colloid Mill, Roll Compactor, Sifter, Blenders etc.

Cosmetics is one of the fastest growing sector, thanks to the Product Development, wide reach of International Brands to developed as well as emerging markets, High Disposable Income &Innovative Marketing Campaigns.

Our R&D Equipment’s, Granulation Machines & Ancillary Equipment’s like Colloid mill are used in creams and ointments preparation as well as other applications.

The Chemical Industry creates an immense variety of products which impinge on virtually every aspect of our lives.

Our Tablet Presses are a preferred choice amongst the leading Indian and International Chemical Companies for high volume production of Chemical Tablets such as Phosphorus Tablets. We have specially designed dedicated machines with better Corrosion Resistance, Higher Compression strength which is inevitable for such production.

Our machines are successfully proven for Salt, Naphthalene and Camphor Tablets production. We are one of the very few manufactures offering Non – GMP, Standard models of Tablet presses which are cost effective solutions for such applications.

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20 Years has been passed and still Chamunda make Tablet Press exceeding our expectations – What else? Considering this base while writing the vote of confidence for Chamunda make machine, one word pop’s up – Quality with Surety where we care is prevailing.

Esteem Customer from Bangladesh

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