• Main Compression 20 Ton
  • Pre-Compression 10 Ton
  • SS304 Guard (Lower)
  • Cleaning easiness since machine is to be cleaned
  • Cam track of HCHC and hardened upto 58 o 62 HRC (Upper & Lower)
  • Seals in compression zone
  • Stainless steel fasteners & hardware in compression zone
  • 3 Piece turret (Top plate & bottom plate SG Iron with 600/3 Grade , 2% Nickel and Middle plate SS316L)
  • Turret with electro-less nickel platting
  • Turret without brake plug, anti turning strip & RHS screw
  • Turret RPM – 20 (Fix Pulley Driver)
  • No punch key slot on turret
  • Manual controls
  • Copper material not be used in compression zone
  • Gasket sealing to be provide in lower guards
  • Pressure transducers instead of pressure gauge
  • IP-65 protection in operating cum control panel
  • Fixed pulley drive without electro magnetic clutch
  • Separate operating cum control panel (SS304 Material) with 5 Mtr. Cable
  • Punch guide area HCHC Material
  • Gravity feeder arrangement
  • Without FLP
  • No Proxy on machine (Including upper guard)
  • Lower cabinet extra hole to be closed
  • Lower guard locking. Lock to be provide
  • Easy upper roll removal
  • Lower guard removal should be easy
  • Hydro Pneumatic power pack will be provide at outside of the machine
  • Turret run out must be 0.1mm (Maximum)
  • Contact parts SS316
  • Upper Punch Penetration
  • Pre-compression arrangement
  • Two sided lifting upper track
  • Manual overload pressure release arrangement
  • Lower punch lubrication for punch stem
  • Auto lubrication arrangement for centralized lubrication
  • Hydraulic pressure by hydro pneumatic power pack
  • Anti-vibration mount for vibration absorption
  • Inching
  • Anti-reverse protection
  • Main motor – Hindustan OR Crompton Make 415V/50Hz/Non Flame proof
  • IP 67 protection in motor
  • Switch gear – Siemens make
No. Of Station 26
Tooling “Special”
Max. Main Compression Load (Tons) 20
Max. Pre Compression Load (Tons) 10
Turret RPM (fix) 20
Max. Output (Tablet/hr.) 31,200
Max. Tablet Dia. Ф 40mm
Max. Depth of Fill 30mm
Main Electric Motor (Drive without Clutch) 20 HP
Upper Punch Penetration (Main) 3 TO 6mm
Hyd. Pneumatic Power Pack 3 CFM @ 6 BAR PRESSURE
Total Power 20 HP (15 KW)
Power Supply 415 V AC, 3 PH.AC 50 Hz