Mini Roll Compactor (Cantilever) with cake Crusher & Granulator

Cantilever type Roll Compactor with cake Crusher & Two Stage Oscillating Granulator

This high end model operates in completely enclosed manner to comply with highest standard of cGMP guidelines by optimum utilization and at minimal operating cost and wastage.


  • Cantilever rolls design
  • In line roll compactor with cake crusher & 2 stage granulator
  • Comply with cGMP requirements
  • WIP Provision
  • Water jacketed
  • Contact parts S.S.316 without roll
  • Machine mobility
  • PLC system
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance. (Optional)
Working Capacity 2 To 5 Kg/hr*
Roll Size Ø100 X 25 W
Roll Speed 3 To 29 RPM
Feed Screw Speed (Horizontal) 60 RPM
Feed Screw Speed (Vertical) 200 RPM
Roll Force 5 Ton
Electrical Supply** 5.5 HP, 1Ø , A.C.