Mini Roll Compactor GMP Model

CM Mini Roll Compactor is totally based on method of Dry Granulation.

The powder charged in the feed hopper is predensified and fed between two counter rotating rolls.

As the volume decreases through the region of maximum pressure, the material is formed into a solid compacted sheet.

The densified sheets can then be granulated to any desired mesh size with use of CM Granulator or CM Communiting Mill.

CM Mini Roll Compactor is designed to the same principle and mode of operation as that of production size CM Roll Compactor.

Working Capacity* 2 to 5 kg / hr.
Roll Force Max 8 Tons
Roll Speed 3-29 RPM Variable
Feed Screw Speed 5-86 RPM Variable
Electrical Supply** 2.5 HP, 1Ø, A.C.