Chamunda Double Cone Blender is efficient and versatile equipment for mixing powder such as pharmaceutical excipients, various chemicals, food products homogeneously. With an effective volume for optimum homogeneity between 35-70% of gross volume and a SLANT double cone design that eliminates dead spots, this Double cone blender is ideal across various industries including pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic, etc.


  • Speed: Single
  • Blender in Double Cone construction.
  • Product contact parts made of Stainless Steel corresponding to AISI 316
  • Non-product parts and other surfaces made of Stainless Steel corresponding to AISI 304
  • A suitable diameter opening with cover & necessary seals with sealing clamps for loading of material is
  • On the other side a suitable butterfly valve for discharge of material is provided
  • Support is provided on both sides with suitable structure. Drive is enclosed.
  • Conical shape and elongated plane at both ends enables uniform mixing
    and easy discharge
  • The cone is statically balanced with protects the gear box and motor
    from any excessive load
  • Power is loaded into the cone through a wide opening and discharge through a butterfly or a Slide valve
  • Depending upon the characteristic of the product, paddle type baffles can be provided on the shaft for better mixing, uniform blending and de-agglomeration
  • Contact parts are made of SS 304 or SS 316L
  • Flame proof electricals can be provided
  • ‘Slant’ design
  • Variable speed option available 70%
  • Dust free bin charging system

Benefits For You

  • Homogenised blending of solid components
  • Advanced design with custom made additional features for varying
    speed, safety (flame-proof) and varying capacities
  • Minimal material handling
  • Ideal for various applications in solid mixing

(in Liters)


(in Liters)


(in kg)

CPM-DC-75 75 53 2 700
CPM-DC-150 150 105 3 700
CPM-DC-300 300 210 5 800
CPM-DC-500 500 350 7.5 1200
CPM-DC-1000 1000 700 10 1800
CPM-DC-2000 2000 1400 15 2500
CPM-DC-4000 4000 2800 20 3000