ANNEX 2019

Demonstrating / Displaying this following machine during this event;

Innovation & Creativity has always been the forefront at Chamunda and keeping this in mind; Annex 2019 – Together Towards Tomorrow”, a unique event is conceptualized and organized at our office premises. It’s a rejoicing event targeted at selected handful customers to have an informed rendezvous.  This event is well received to be attended by delegates from various companies across India and expecting few overseas guests’ presence during this event.


With a great combination of Engineering & Technology, We shall display following machines:


  • Roll Compactor with Containment ISOLATOR; facilitates the isolation of a product or process while providing the required conditions for sterile/aseptic environment. It is a solid isolator configured to operate at negative pressure.
  • cFBP – Continuous Fluid Bed Processor – R&D Model designed to provide continuous output for free flowing powder which is an integrated design offering mobility without the hassle for connecting / disconnecting inlet & exhaust ducts.
  • AMPLUS-III a High speed Double Rotary Tablet press machine with Interchangeable Turret and Central drive system.
  • ELAN the most cost effective high speed tablet compression machine which meets the contemporary parameters of large batch production with optimum operation and maintenance cost.

 We await your gracious presence from both India and overseas to make’ANNEX-2019’ a huge success.


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