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Introduction to Containment Isolators

Increased production of several substances along with the process used across many pharmaceutical industries creates a hazardous environment for human safety. There is a need to provide a safe working environment to meet the needs of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical devices, Radiopharmaceutical and Nuclear industries. Risk management is a major priority in pharmaceutical manufacturing today. With highly potent drugs, the level of risk management also becomes higher.

Isolator systems are the key solution for many industries across the world for the safety of operators in research, manufacture, testing and handling potent substances. At Chamunda Pharma Machinery Containment Isolators are specially designed for processing highly potent substances and are installed in almost all pharma processing industries dealing with them.

Chamunda is emerging as a key player offering comprehensive containment solution for solid dosage sections. It is offering both solid and flexible isolators for new and existing machines of customers.

Types of Isolators

There are two kinds of Isolators namely Flexible Isolator and Solid Isolator. Both have been designed as per customer needs with human safety being the first priority for any industry.

Solid Isolators can be integrated with new or existing equipment for optimum ergonomic results.

Flexible Isolators can be used for a range of applications. Moon Suites are widely used Isolators with flexible and superior designs for better protection. These are more cost effective and can be easily operated. Its special design protects the product from contamination along with protection of operating personnel and the environment from harmful emissions and substances.

Why is there a need for Containment Isolators?

All Potent APIs i.e. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients are active biologically even at low quantities. In such situations it becomes necessary to safeguard operating personnel handling these harmful and toxic substances from any health hazard. It becomes our key responsibility to take prior precautions for the safety of the employee as well as prevent any kind of environmental pollution.

The key to handle such vital issues is to employ a containment strategy. Containments help deal with APIs by preventing any hazardous substance from escaping at the workplace as well as into the surrounding environment. Specially designed ‘Containment Isolators’ are manufactured and installed in several industries involved in mass production of chemical ingredients for safety.

Overall Benefits

Containment Isolators with latest technology is the most favored one among containment engineers and regulatory bodies. It is a must for industries for prevention as well as adequate control of employees from any substance, hazardous for health. It is beneficial for the safety of employees as well as health of the general public. It protects the work environment as well as the product from any kind of contamination. It prevents product waste and there’s an increased reduction in the cleaning cost of industries.


Containment strategy is different for each industry. How much of containment is needed can be found by the OEL i.e. Occupation Exposure Limit Value of potent drugs that are being used. Containment strategy encompasses both the engineering competencies and management issues necessary for handling hazardous drugs. Custom designed Containment Isolators for pharmaceutical industries are today available as well as installed for processes throughout the world for comprehensive containment solution for solid dosage section ensuring safe and contained operations.

Our dedicated team at Chamuna Pharma Machinery has detailed knowledge of material handling procedures along with the regulatory environment. Several decades of experience has provided us with a large customer base to meet the application requirements.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in containment isolators, you can contact us and we can surely meet your requirements successfully. We have supplied containment isolators for many pharma industries and always look out for new challenges.

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