» Metal Detector

Pharma Metal Detector metaltrap03 is an eddy current based Digital Metal Detection system designed for Pharmaceutical industry for detecting metal containment in tablets / capsules, preferably installed after Deduster. It can also be used in confectionery industry for detecting metal contamination in candies. The system is designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirement and hygienic standards of pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma Metal Detector-For Detection of metal contamination in Tablets and Capsule

  • Very high Metal Metal Detection Sensitivity for all Metals
  • Digital Control and Signal Processing
  • Dual channel phase sensitive detection
  • 100 Product memory
  • Compact Design
  • Swiveling Display
  • Diagnostics available on LCD display
  • Auto Validation prompt
  • Set parameter retention on loss of power
  • Buzzer and LED indication on detection of metal contamination
  • Security levels provided
  • LCD bargraph/numeric display to monitor noise and signal
  • Reject time stamping


  • Auto Check facility
  • Fail safe rejection mechanism
  • Handheld Terminal (With PC Software) for data storage and transfer

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